We value prevention as an ongoing process and centering survivors through efforts such as education and culture change. Prevention work stems from acknowledging the root causes of violence, including but not limited to oppression, policies, and culture, and working with communities and people both directly and vicariously affected. We see prevention work through a community model lens, allowing input and engagement, and giving individuals within the city the tools themselves to works towards elimination of harm.



Joining with Collective Action for Safe Spaces, along with a number of community-based local organizations, DC AVP is a proud participant in the Street Harassment Prevention Coalition. The Coalition aims to pass the Street Harassment Prevention Act, that invests in the community to end street harassment. Currently in front of the DC Council, the bill aims to: 

- Create community resources, including a fund for innovative programs that address street harassment 

- Train government employees to intervene and address street harassment

- Collect data on street harassment

- Create a community-led committee to oversee these initiatives 

The Coalition and the bill both contribute substantially to DC AVP's vision of prevention as a means of eliminating violence from our local communities. 



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